As a freelance writer, I have an extensive history of published works in several genres. Most of my writing is for tabletop roleplaying games, but I also have experience with instructional material and academic writing. My experience as an editor means I turn over clean text on time and in compliance with project requirements. 

Roleplaying Game Works


Pathfinder RPG Planar Adventures (“Shadow Plane,” “Abyss,” “Hell”) 

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Nidal, Land of Shadows (“Threats in the Gloom”) 

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Realms (“Heaven’s Shore”)

Pathfinder Player Companion: Antihero’s Handbook (“Faulty Teamwork,” “Fallen Heroes”)

Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions and Poisons (“Addictive Drugs”)

Pathfinder Player Companion: Disciples Doctrine (“Razmir, the Living God,” “Tamashigo”)

Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-20: Fury of the Final Blade

Pathfinder Adventure Path #132: The Six-Legend Soul (“Spirits of Six Emperors”)

Pathfinder Playtest Scenario #3: Arclord’s Envy
Pathfinder Adventure Path #138: Rise of New Thassilon 
(“Hallowed Lynx”)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #140: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer (“Arazni, the Red Queen”)

Pathfinder Bestiary (Second Edition) (“Catfolk,” “Changeling,” “Dhampir,” “Gibbering Mouther,” “Wasp”)

Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-01: The Absalom Initiation 

Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide (“Shining Kingdoms”)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #147: Tomorrow Must Burn (“Adventure Toolbox”)

Starfinder Alien Archive (“Drow,” “Formian,” “Gray,” “Reptoid,” “Ryphorian,” “Sharpwing”)

Starfinder Pact Worlds (“Liavara,” “Bretheda”) 

Starfinder Armory (“Weapons”)

Starfinder Society Scenario #1-05: The First Mandate  

Starfinder Adventure Path #5: The Thirteenth Gate (“Silselrik”)

Starfinder Adventure Path #7: The Reach of Empire (“Ships of the Star Empire”)
Starfinder Adventure Path #8: Escape from the Prison Moon (“Empire of the Aeon Throne”)

Starfinder Adventure Path #9: The Rune Drive Gambit (“The Stewards”)

Starfinder Alien Archive 2 (“Dreamer,” “Formian”)

Starfinder Society Scenario #1-38: The Many Minds of Historia  

Starfinder Alien Archive 2 (“Formian Queen,” “Irokiroi”)

Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Gamemaster's Guide (contributing author)

Alien Bestiary (Legendary Games; multiple contributions)

Legendary Planet Adventure Path (Starfinder conversion)

Other Works

Journal of College and Character, "Nontheistic Students on Campus: Understanding and Accommodating Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and Others" (with Christopher D. Stedman)

A Handbook for Educating about Religious Diversity and Interfaith Engagement in Student Affairs, "Chapter 18: Understanding Secular Students on Campus" (with Nicholas J. Stancato)

Secular Student Alliance Group Running Guide (2008–2011 editions)

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